Welcome to CarbonSwap!

Your low-cost, sustainable DeFi & NFT ecosystem native on the Energy Web Chain

What is it?

CarbonSwap is a family of interconnected green, sustainability-focused DeFi & NFT products, including initially an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) and a bi-directional ERC-to-ERC bridge (Omnibridge) between the Ethereum Mainnet and Energy Web Chain. ‌
CarbonSwap is meant to be a long-term creator vision- and community-driven effort with a weighted token-based governance model and a lot of fun.


So far the Energy Web ecosystem operated as its own little happy island.
It is the most promising sustainable energy crypto ventures out there, but has a lot of yet-unlocked potential. It is a solid chain and home of many great projects that have a lot to offer to the rest of the Ethereum ecosystem, especially in terms of scalability and sustainability.
We believe it's high time to tap into this potential and (Make Energy Web (Even) Greater
) by:
  • creating a tighter connection with the larger Ethereum- , and in general crypto ecosystem
  • establishing new type of green DeFi & NFT products. Where else?
  • serving as an umbrella for various interconnected green projects, services and interesting Layer 2 initiatives on top of the chain with community involvement
  • making sustainability accessible for everyone
  • having fun
And let's face it: paying for gas on the Mainnet sucks.
How? Check out our Roadmap.

Who are we

Let's just say if you hold EWT you already trust our work.
This dedicated core team is lead by @TopSootPrime who has the final say in matters around the protocol.
Notice: we are an experienced team, but we do this for fun, for our own amusement. If you use any of this, it is your own responsibility.

Why CarbonSwap and why SUSU?

You are swapping, farming, staking, NFT-ing on a green, environment-friendly platform. By conducting your business here instead of somewhere else, you are supporting the energy transition and help to make the environment a better place in general. Your activities result in lower carbon emissions, so we can say you essentially capture carbon.
SUSU (すす) means "soot" in Japanese. This naming was inspired by Susuwatari, the Soot Sprites of the Ghibli Universe. And soot is mainly made of amorphous carbon, and you... capture carbon... get it?
SUSU is thus the token of the CarbonSwap universe and has
properties. You can harvest it based on how much goodness you provide. It is a governance token, but SUSUs are meant to work in the ecosystem. Otherwise, as all soot sprites without a purpose, they become unhappy and want to leave you. It's important to keep this in mind for the future.
But yes, one of the things we want you to be able to do eventually is swapping out carbon as well
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