SUSU is the governance token of the CarbonSwap ecosystem

SUSU Token fact sheet

  • Hard cap: 300 million
    • Never planned to be reached
    • Some of it is reserved for future mining programs, such as NFT mining
      • We will decide on it later
  • Carbonswap DEX Liquidity mining program: 100 million
    • Early bird period: ~30 days
    • Early bird allocation: 40 SUSU/block
    • Normal allocation: 6.5 SUSU/block
    • Starting block number: 11443127
    • Dev allocation & war chest: 5%
      • If it turns out to be too much we just burn it or use it for games
    • Mining program ends: when 100 million is mined
      • Calibrated to last ~2 years
    • Inflation: after the mining program ends, 1% per year (1 mil)
      • Can be turned off by governance
    • Deflation: token burning, in the beginning, is off but can be turned on by governance
      • E.g. 1% of each SUSU transactions can be burned which are not meant to provide utility/working
  • SUSU farming
    • Lure and attract SUSUs by providing liquidity in designated pools
    • Harvest SUSUs based on your share in the farming pool
    • You receive 0.25% of swap fees as usual
  • SUSU staking -> xSUSU
    • Earn 0.05% of the swap fees as SUSU proportionally to your share in the staking contract
    • No impermanent loss, no loss of governance rights!
  • Extra:
    • Bonus programs: some participating pools can have extra rewards on top of SUSU. Keep an eye on the announcements!