CarbonSwap Finance


Contribution is more than welcome and highly encouraged as this is a community-driven project and open sores
Do you...
  • Believe you have what it takes to contribute?
  • Wanna become a Soot?
    • If you want to be part of the CS core team with more commitment and rewards, it's possible, if you are proven to be a person with the right skills. You don't have to be a developer. Check out the active Soot positions. It's not exhaustive, you are also free to tell us how you imagine yourself be part of the team.
    • SUSU, exclusive team items and your own Soot name is included
  • Have an awesome idea that fits into the vision of CarbonSwap and would make sense to bring in? You can be the owner of it!


Send your pitch to [email protected] or try to find TSP on Discord and Telegram