Blockchain/Solidity Soot
Mission: help us build more carbonswap products.
Please apply with the password that can be obtained from this contract on EWC: 0xe180F52A618366e8aEa3319b38198814985862b6
If canApply passes you got the pwd.
Experience in DeFi/NFT space is a giant bonus.
pragma solidity ^0.7.6;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
contract Challenge {
struct Magic {
bool never;
bool gonna;
uint32 give;
uint you;
address up;
bool public ffalse = true;
uint256 public constant ID = 1622294677000;
uint8 private aNiceTen = 10;
uint8 private almost;
uint16 private thisIsTheSolution;
bytes32 private constant salt = keccak256("asdasdadadasdasdadsadsadsad");
bytes32[3] private data;
bytes16[4] private moreData;
function canApply(bytes16 _password) public view returns(bool) {
require(_password == bytes16(data[2]));
return true;
*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^ ,---/V\
`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*. ~|__(o.o)
^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*'^`*.,*' UU UU
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