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Add your token to the recognized tokens list
In the CarbonSwap ecosystem there are no restrictions. We cannot stop anybody from listing, trading, bridging or doing anything they want within the technical limitations. It's a decentralized world so there are no permissions.

Default token list

In order your token to be recognized though in the default list with a nice icon and some details, it needs to be added to the CarbonSwap Token List: Nice view Raw view
To do so, you can either:
  • Make the changes yourself, open a PR and wait for it to be accepted
  • Write to the dev team ([email protected]) with the following details:
    • chainID
    • token address
    • token name
    • token decimals
    • token symbol
    • logoURI (png or svg)
    • tags (for options, see below
    • Preferably a description of your project/token as well
  • All of the above

Supported tags

"tags": {
"stablecoin": {
"name": "stablecoin",
"description": "Tokens that are fixed to an external asset"
"ewfmember": {
"name": "ewfmember",
"description": "Token of an Energy Web Foundation member"
"green": {
"name": "green",
"description": "Token of a project that is completely renewably powered"
"wrapped": {
"name": "wrapped",
"description": "Tokens that are a wrapped version of their original, holding the same value"
"bridged": {
"name": "bridged",
"description": "Tokens that are bridged over from another chain"
"meme": {
"name": "meme",
"description": "Tokens that were created with no specific purpose, for fun"
"native": {
"name": "native",
"description": "Tokens that are native to the Energy Web Chain"
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