™️ Trademark guidelines

While our code is in part available to download, review, and improve under open-source and source-available software licenses, none of our licenses include a license to use our trademarks. Proper use of our trademarks is essential to inform users whether or not the Carbonswap team stands behind a product or service. When using Carbonswap team’s trademarks, you must comply with these Carbonswap Trademark Guidelines. Just like other projects that develop open source software, we must enforce our trademark rights to protect our users.
This policy covers all of our trademarks and services marks, whether they are registered or not, including, among others:
  1. 1.
    Our word trademarks and service marks: CARBONSWAP™, SUSU™, $SUSU™, CARBONSOCK and other CARBON<insert any merch/swag/clothing item here> derivatives.
If you want to report misuse of a Carbonswap trademark, please contact us at [email protected]

Acceptable Uses

General rule of thumb is that you can use Carbonswap trademarks without permission to create memes, have fun, build the community and spread the word of the Carbonswap ecosystem and products, as long as you are not using it for your own commercial purposes. We'd like the community to stay awesome.
You may do the following without receiving specific permission from Carbonswap team:
  • Use Carbonswap wordmarks in text to truthfully refer to and/or link to unmodified Carbonswap smart contracts, protocols, interfaces, programs, products, services and technologies (”Carbonswap software”).
  • Use the Carbonswap wordmarks to truthfully describe modified versions of Carbonswap software that you may create or make available. For example, you may say ”This software is derived from Carbonswap software.” or ”This service uses software derived from Carbonswap software.”
  • Use the Carbonswap logo in software or aggregators that integrate with Carbonswap software to truthfully refer to, and, where possible, link to the applicable Carbonswap software hosted on the Energy Web Chain.
  • Use Carbonswap wordmarks to clearly signal to users that there is no affiliation with or endorsement by Carbonswap
  • Follow the terms of the open source licenses for Carbonswap software.
All other uses of a Carbonswap trademark require our prior written permission. Please contact us at [email protected] in this case.

Unacceptable Uses

Some specific things you should not do include:
  • Don’t use our trademarks in anything dishonest or fraudulent.
  • Our name is not your name. Don’t use Carbonswap trademarks in the name of your smart contract, interface, business, product, service, app, domain name, publication, or other offering.
  • Don’t use our name for your products. Don’t apply Carbonswap trademarks to any product (e.g., a mobile app), unless such use is limited to a truthful and descriptive reference (e.g., ”Mobile App for trading on Carbonswap”).
  • Don’t overemphasize our mark. Don’t display Carbonswap trademarks more prominently than your product, service, or company name.
  • Don’t create or use confusingly similar names. Don’t use Carbonswap trademarks, logos, company names, slogans, domain names, or designs that are confusingly similar to Carbonswap trademarks, particularly in the name of your smart contract, interface, business, product, service, app, domain name, publication, or other offering.
  • Don’t imply our sponsorship of your products. Don’t use Carbonswap trademarks in a way that incorrectly implies affiliation with, sponsorship, endorsement, or approval by Carbonswap of your products or services.For example, please do not name your project compatible with Carbonswap software Carbon-[Something] or [Something]-swap.
  • Don’t imply our sponsorship of your activities. Don’t use Carbonswap trademarks and logos, or confusingly similar trademarks or logos on social media accounts in a way that might suggest affiliation with Carbonswap software; except if you’ve received prior permission from the Carbonswap team. For example, you cannot name your account, page, or community ”Carbonswap Protocol” or ”Carbonswap Team.” However, it would be acceptable to name your account, page, or community ”Fans of Carbonswap” or ”Information about Carbonswap”.
  • Don’t create swag with our marks. Don’t use Carbonswap trademarks on merchandise for sale (e.g., selling t-shirts, mugs, etc.) unless you have permission from Carbonswap.
  • Don’t change or combine our marks. Don’t modify Carbonswap trademarks, abbreviate them, or combine them with any other symbols, words, or images, or incorporate them into a tagline or slogan.