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Explore all the available collections on GreenSea.
Collections are comprised of an arbitrary number of NFTs, whose maximum supply was defined at the moment of its minting. This includes the number of unique NFTs that will form the Collection as well as the number of units that will exist of each unique NFT.
List of collections:
Available collections as of September 5th, 2021
Collection page: When clicking on a Collection, we can see the list of NFTs that form it.
Collection: CarbonSwap Season 1
This particular Collection is formed by 10 unique NFTs. If we click on one of them, we are transported to the Token page, where you can learn more about that specific NFT.
Token page:
NFT: Firestarter (NFT CarbonSwap Season 1)
When visiting the Token page, we immediately obtain useful information about the type, purpose and rarity of the asset. As seen in the picture above, the Token page reveals the following information:
  • Name: Firestarter
  • Number: 8th NFT of its Collection
  • Supply: 89 units in existence. 1 owned by the user.
  • Orders: user-issued buying and selling orders
From the Token page you can also create Buy orders, Sell Orders of )if you own the NFT) Transfer it to a different wallet. Let's take a deeper look at how it works.
Creating Buy/Sell Orders:
By creating an order, we are able to define our desired conditions to buy/sell any NFT. As seen in the picture, our order must state:
  • Quantity to buy/sell: the amount of copies of that particular NFT you want to buy/sell.
  • Price per unit: what's the amount of SUSUs you are willing to pay/accept for each unit of that NFT.
  • Partial fills allowed: if attempting to buy/sell multiple units at once, the "Partial fills allowed" option will allow the order to gradually acquire/sell NFTs every time it finds a buyer/seller that meets our conditions.
  • Expiration: how long do you wish your order to be active.
  • Exclusive to: if you want to open an order to a particular Buyer/Seller can fill, here you can establish the unique address that will be able to fill your order.
Transferring an asset:
Green Sea also allows you to transfer NFTs to addresses of your choice. As certain token standards are not yet supported by Metamask (namely ERC-1155), you can use this service to move your NFTs instead.