⚓Green Sea

Green Green Sea is the world’s first energy-centric NFT Marketplace. Right at the intersection of Energy and DeFi, its purpose is creating a space where green, sustainable initiatives can thrive.


Green Sea is another building block of CarbonSwap's grand vision. Through our family of decentralized products, we aim to create the perfect ecosystem where green, sustainable initiatives can benefit from the whole value spectrum that DeFi applications bring to the table.
Therefore, while we look forward to seeing all kinds of content populating the marketplace, we maintain a strong focus towards bringing as many energy-related projects to our ecosystem.

Green NFTs

Minting and publishing an NFT on Green Sea is nearly cost-free and extremely energy efficient. Using the Energy Web Chain as our core infrastructure allows users to mint, buy and trade NFTs, all while generating a negligible carbon footprint. Hence, the birth of the term Green NFT: a new generation of non-fungible tokens, living and thriving on sustainable infrastructures.

BETA launch

The Beta launch of Green Sea comes with the following functionalities:
  • 100% on-chain trustless marketplace and order book
  • Buy and Sell Fungible or Non-Fungible tokens
  • Support for ERC-20, ERC-721 & ERC-1155
  • Royalty fees available to creators: collect a fee every time your creation is traded
  • Customizable orders: specify your desired buyer, set an expiration date, enable partial order fills and more.
During the first run of Beta testing, all tokens/collections will be manually added by the CarbonSwap team. Once we verify everything is performing as intended we’ll fully open the gates of the marketplace. Until then, if you wish to publish your collection get in touch via [email protected].


After successfully closing the Beta, we’ll focus on deploying the following features:
  • Open developer tools contract and Subgraph information: create your own storefront while using Green Sea as the engine.
  • Launch pad for minting NFTs: mint your own collection directly into the featured Green Sea Community Collection, retaining ownership over it.
  • Unbound NFT listing and browsing functionalities.
  • NFT Sections: publish your collection where it truly belongs.
  • Featured creators and collections
  • Token auctions