CarbonSwap Finance


Harvest the SUSU
Farming is quite simple
  1. 1.
    Check which pools are eligible for farming on the farm page
    1. 1.
      Have CLP tokens? You are all set!
    2. 2.
      Don't have CLP tokens? You need to provide liquidity first for that token pair. See the Pool (liquidity) section
  2. 2.
    Deposit your CLP tokens. Each farming pool has a SUSU allocation ratio per block. You receive from this according to your CLP share in the farm pool.
  3. 3.
    Harvest. SUSUs accumulate for you block by block. You can claim them any time you want. Check back from time to and grab the SUSUs you attracted. Congrats!
When you finished your business, simply withdraw your CLP tokens.

Wen start?


Which pools?

We will add pools gradually based on popularity and reputation, but in the end it is for the discretion of the dev team.

Allocation ratios?

It is up to the judgement of the dev team. We aim to maximize the interests of the Carbonswap ecosystem. Pool allocation ratios might have technical significance as well. Ratios will change from time to time.